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Hail and Farewell
Carol Kerridge | El Amigo Road


From the left: Phyllis Mirsky, Alice Winn, Julie Iantorno,
Karolen Linderman, and Carol German.
Photo Susan Schelling. 
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Just for a minute, imagine how over the last 15 years we have taken for granted one of the most precious gems of our community, Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC). By providing a wide range of services and programs for maturing adults, DMCC has continued to evolve as one of the most premier non-profit organizations in our village.

Although it has been run very efficiently during the last 15 years by salaried Program Directors, the real engine behind the program is the selfless helping hands of resident volunteers.

Some of these volunteers choose to take a further step by serving on the DMCC Board by helping to create, lead or administer one or more of many programs offered. These Board members serve three-year terms and attend monthly meetings to report their progress.

It’s with a large bouquet of thanks and appreciation that we salute four residents who are now rotating off the Board — Julie Iantorno, Karolen Linderman, Beth Levine, and Carol German. Their kind and helpful hands will be sorely missed.
Luckily for DMCC, five more enthusiastic residents have appeared to replace the vacancies — Alice Winn, Maryka Hoover, Judy Schuckit, Felice Levine and Phyllis Mirsky. What a wide-range of talent and skills they bring!

We welcome them with open arms and look forward to sharing the DMCC vision with them.



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