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TRACKING: News Updates


Parking lot is site of proposed Watermark neighborhood.
Photo Bud Emerson
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Watermark Update
Planning and design studies are continuing for the new residential neighborhood on Jimmy Durante Boulevard which is proposed to replace the currently approved office building complex.

A complete application is expected to be submitted to the city this summer. Once the application is submitted, a website and public outreach program will commence.

Reserves Up
City Council approved adjustments to the city budget recommended by finance director Teresa McBroome. Positive activity in the top three revenue categories (property sales, hotel occupancy, sales) in the first three quarters of the fiscal year resulted in a net increase of $425,760. With expenditures holding steady the city’s contingency reserve, required by policy to be at least 10%, is now projected to be 19.32%.

Shores Park Advisory Committee
At its first meeting the Shores Park Advisory Committee (SAC) elected Art Olson chair, Tom Sohn, vice chair and Piper Underwood, secretary. Piper and Judd Halenza will join City Council liaisons Sherryl Parks and Terry Sinnott on the city’s selection team recommending a professional park consultant for Council approval. All SAC meetings are open to the public and will be held, with the exception of July 2, monthly at 8 a.m., every second Wednesday in the Annex Building. At its last meeting the City Council also appointed Lina Waage to fill a vacancy and two alternates to ensure future vacancies would not impact the Committee’s progress.

Eight SAC members were appointed in April to represent all segments of the community during a 12-18 month Master Plan process “to make sure [the process] is open, inclusive and develops a consensus among the many interests vying for use of the five-acre Shores Park.” Committee members learned that Winston School, a big fundraiser for the property and leasee of the buildings on the northwest corner of the lot (just over ¼ of the property) is also promised in their lease agreement use of a playing field on the property. Joe Sullivan, chair of Friends of the Park, also advised that some donors may be advocating for specific projects, such as a par course or as a location for the historic Alvarado House. A major task for the incoming consultant, selected from the top ten applicants in August, will be working with the Committee to gather community input.

Summer Staffing
Summer is in full swing in Del Mar! With the fair and upcoming horse races, the City works hard to ensure it is well-prepared for the summer visitor crowds while continuing to meet resident needs. The City staffs beach lifeguards to ensure the beaches are safe, employs beach maintenance staff to clean up trash and ensure bathrooms are clean while Public Works staff are handling direct services to residents to minimize the impacts to the community from visitors, ramps up parking enforcement to ensure parking regulations are being followed, and works with the Sheriff and Fairgrounds on public safety issues.

Lifeguard Pay
Recommendations for pay adjustments for seasonal lifeguards and other personnel are being finalized by department head Pat Vergne and city manager Scott Huth for review by the City Council in July.


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