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Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Panorama photo Art Olson.  Click on image to enlarge.

The City Council workshop on June 9 attracted more than 60 participants. Small group reports all agreed that the municipal uses outlined were appropriate, including city offices, meeting rooms, Council chamber, and a plaza large enough for the Farmers’ Market as well as other public gatherings. All tables agreed that parking should be large enough to cover civic uses as well as relief for nearby neighborhood streets. A variety of opinions was expressed about potential commercial and residential uses. Unexpectedly, almost every small group recommended a site for cultural uses.

Based on the feedback received for this project, the City Council is now moving to the master planning phase. The Master Planning Phase would develop conceptual alternatives to address the various program possibilities and options, test the site to accommodate the necessary physical space, and develop alternatives for the community and City Council review and direction. Since there are a variety of alternatives still under consideration, the first effort will be to explore the various mixed-use and parking scenarios for community input. Conceptual site plans will be developed to illustrate potential ways of accommodating the various uses, and order of magnitude cost estimates will be prepared for the selection of a preferred direction and program. The intent is to finalize all the uses and programmatic elements for the site as well as a general arrangement on the site prior to development of a Schematic Design.

At the subsequent City Council meeting it was clear that all five members are committed to a community-wide vote to give all citizens an opportunity to express their preferences among the options. All Council members agreed that the November ballot would be too long for citizens to take the time to study options and make thoughtful choices. Timing of that city-wide vote has not been pinned down.


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