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To The Sandpiper Editors

At the recent Del Mar Civic Center community forum, I was encouraged by the breadth of enthusiasm and the strength of support for ideas like including a small coffee shop/bakery/sandwich shop where locals can gather and City Staff can have lunch and coffee breaks; a small theater and performing arts venue for special movies, plays, jazz, piano recitals, guitar concerts, poetry reading, book signing, TED-like talks by Del Mar residents; for ample outdoor space for the Farmer’s Market, Easter egg hunts, and other kinds of public gatherings.

I was also pleased to see how much support there was for extensive underground parking beneath the entire site. The table where my wife and I were sitting discussed the idea of adding surface parking at the Fair Grounds and/or Southfair and for a village trolley or two-decker bus that would shuttle visitors between those sites and downtown. There was also a lot of support for encouraging village shop and restaurant employees to park in those lots. If that happened, the downtown parking problem and the need for visitors to park on residential streets would be alleviated.

It will be very interesting to see how well these ideas survive going forward.

Frank Chisari, Crest Road


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