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Summer Showtime
Luana Karr | DMTV

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Providing informational and educational shows is something the Del Mar Television Foundation strives to do. On Del Mar TV you can learn about volunteering in the community, how to prepare your family for a major emergency and what types of exercise can help to maintain our balance as we age.
We often partner with other community organizations to bring you these Informative videos. For instance, the series of “Are You Ready?” Videos help the viewers plan for a major emergency and make up a disaster kit for their family. Another of the videos deals with utilities. Do you know when, where and how to turn off your gas, electric or water if an emergency happens? Check out the video and it will explain it to you. What should you do during an earthquake? How do you prepare your home and yard in case of a major fire? These are important issues that we sometimes put on the back burner and then feel helpless when an emergency happens.
Well you can tune in to Del Mar TV and view these videos. We also have them streaming at any time on our Vimeo Channel where we also have our short videos of events in and around town. You can check out Community Connections new home or see some of the work the great volunteers do for our community.
Find out about some of the Children’s Activities at the Del Mar Library where, by the way, you can pick up a DVD of most of the shows. There’s a how-to of woodworking and a series on how to play the Piano. Tune us in and see what might interest you. And don’t forget we broadcast your City Council, Planning Commission and Design Review Board meetings as well. You can check out our schedule at


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