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Class of ‘14 Words of Wisdom
Leila Zein-Phillipson | Torrey Pines Graduate, Class of 2014


On Friday afternoon, June 13, 2014 the Torrey Pines High School Class of 2014 joined the ranks of Torrey Pines High School graduates. Among them was Leila Zein-Phillipson, who has been the Sandpiper’s Roving Teen Reporter for the last two years.
Leila’s first contribution to the Sandpiper appeared exactly two years ago in the 2012 Sandpiper Summer Issue in an article Student Summer Sampler which included Leila’s photo of the newly-minted 2012 TPHS graduates hurling their maroon mortarboards into the air. On June 13 Leila herself
joined a similar jubilant throng.

The Sandpiper Editors congratulate you, Leila! 
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Temperatures rise as the countdown for the last day of school begins. Senior class attendance dwindles and can only be explained by the crippling self-diagnosed disease Senioritis. The only known cure: graduation.

On June 13th SDUHSD schools held commencement ceremonies for the graduating class of 2014. This class includes scientists, lawyers, doctors, writers, businessmen, artists, and leaders of the future. With 18 years of life under our belts we have obtained invaluable knowledge: how to succeed, and how to fail. We now want to share a few words of wisdom, words we wish we heard when we were the awkward freshmen walking onto campus for the very first time 4 years ago. “Don’t go through life unnoticed. Leave your mark and be remembered,” said graduate Chelsea.

Freshmen year we struggled to find our classes in a school that seemed made for giants. We believed the rumors of a pool atop the gymnasium and awaited the day when our PE teachers would finally take us to swim; little did we know that day would never come. We stayed on campus for lunches, enviously watching the upperclassman return with Cali burritos. We were the kids with braces, sprinting to class five minutes before the tardy bell rang. We were the freshmen class of 2011. “I’ve tried to wipe my memory clean of freshmen year, but those God-forsaken Facebook pictures seem to always resurface,” shared Cheyenne.

And on that last day of freshmen year, we only looked forward as we welcomed Sophomore year. We were wise fools. We were no longer the “fresh meat” on campus or the underdogs. We thought we had it all figured out until those AP classes we signed up for crushed our spirits. But they were lifted again when we got our driving licenses. We snuck off campus and our brown paper bag lunches, packed with love by our moms, turned into over-priced or over-caloric meals; until we got caught. We were the kids with bags under our eyes from lack of sleep, without any clue that this was just the beginning of all nighters. We perfected procrastination. We were the Sophomore class of 2012. “If you think you’re cooler than the next guy, you’re not that cool. Keep an open mind. Stay humble,” shared Steven.

Junior year, deemed by everyone the hardest year yet, as well as the most important for college acceptance, loomed. We piled on the AP classes and memorized definitions of words bigger than “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in preparation for the SAT/ACT. But we knew we could do it, because we were students of prestigious SDUHSD schools. We never slept, we sometimes ate and we always drank coffee. We compiled a list of colleges that included some of the top ranked schools in the country, until we received the results of our first standardized test scores and had to rethink everything. But through it all we never gave up. We were the junior class of 2013. “Stay strong, lol” shared Camilla when asked to give advice to a Junior.

Senior year finally arrived and we were the kings and queens of our schools. It was hard work as we finalized our college applications. Tears were shed when we were rejected and when we were accepted. It was hard work until it wasn’t and we were second semester seniors, sick with Senioritis. We committed to schools, made our choices Facebook official and decorated the tops of our graduation caps with all the glitter we could get our hands on. And on Friday, June 13th of 2014 we graduated. We are the senior class of 2014.



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