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Neighborhood Adoption
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First visitors to a revived Adopt-A-Spot. From left: Don Mosier, Rosanne Holliday, Beth Levine, Mary Ann and Bud Emerson. Photo Joel Holliday
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The Crest Rim Overlook Trail Restoration project was completed in spring 2008 but was preceded by two years of judicious planning and fund-raising by the Del Mar Garden Club – an accomplished network of community volunteers bringing to life an orphaned public viewpoint. Lane Goodkind, a prominent landscape architect and son of John and Alice Goodkind transformed this neglected area to heighten the beauty of the native terrain – Crest Canyon and beyond. For years now this trail has become an oasis for the walker and a sedative for the flash of car drivers.

Once again, an overlooked and undervalued public space is being rescued by a group of neighboring residents along Crest Road. In 1977 the City acquired this area as part of the Crest Canyon Open Space Preserve. An Adopt-A-Spot application proposed by Rosanne and Joel Holliday and joined by fellow adopters Fran and Nick Frost, Maryka and George Hoover, Suzi Resnik and Stan Marks, Judy and Marc Schuckit will extend the existing trail to the adjacent 85-feet of formerly inaccessible public land.

The applicants persisted with an unusually arduous review process requiring the City Council’s formal approval of the recommendations from the Parks and Recreation Committee to survey the northern property boundary. The land survey and aerial evaluation revealed that the parcel included more area than envisioned in this Adopt-A-Spot application. Now the City’s Public Works Department has installed light weight fencing salvaged from the Post Office sidewalk - sprayed glossy green - two-inches south of the newly designated property line and with three-feet deep plants and trees to help screen the property owner to the north.

By taming the growth within the .55-acre of public land that opens canyon and unobstructed vista viewpoints to the easterly mountains, the applicants will create an off-road retreat, now a block in length. Several existing elements of hardscape, a concrete path, wooden gate and termite-infested woodpile have been removed to continue the 4-1/2- foot wide decomposed granite trail path. A few new plantings are planned, and irrigation will be greatly minimized as the existing long-established plantings have adapted to little water and will be sculpted to conform to the pathway. Grading is required for the north entrance that will be marked with a yellow blister surface at the roadside. Adopters will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pathway. The contractor started work on May 12th.

It is estimated that the costs associated with this refurbishment are about $10,000 – a reduction offset by the cost-saving labor of volunteer hands. To achieve the anticipated June 10th opening, community donations will be needed until the goal is reached. A neighborhood party at the home of Suzi Resnik and Stan Marks and hosted by Fran and Nick Frost on May 9th offered the neighborhood the opportunity to tour this expanding park. The community’s investment in this public space will yield a natural pedestrian plaza that anchors the east corridor of our city.

The Crest Rim Adopt-A-Spot project serves as a model of maximizing community access to public areas, especially those that increase our appreciation of the unique but fragile landscape in our area. The commitment of these residents to enhance the communal natural assets within our neighborhoods should encourage the rest of us to make the most of what we share.

Donations can be sent to Crest Rim Adopt-A-Spot Project, Attention Joel Holliday, 1230 Crest Road, Del Mar, CA 92014 and made payable to Joel Holliday.


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