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BOOK CORNER: Little Free Library
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio


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"Little" doesn’t do justice to the new Little Free Library in Del Mar; "minuscule" would be more apt.   Made of wood, it has “two stories” (to quote the April 24th Del Mar Times). Its footprint must be approximately one and a half square feet, and the two stories are just two book shelves inside a wooden box with a glass-fronted door and a wooden swivel latch. It has no address – merely a location at the intersection of Stratford Court and Stratford Park Circle. No phone – but you can leave written notes. No opening hours, days, nor even an onsite librarian. According to the DMT, the owner, Kate Zimmer, got the library for her birthday last year. Something like a rural delivery USPS mailbox, it’s perched on a stilt set in a large blue ceramic pot planted with succulents. The 30-book collection is in excellent condition. Still, there is nothing here to eclipse, let alone challenge, the Del Mar Library resources.

More about the location – the Little Free Library is at the intersection of Stratford Court and Stratford Park Circle inside the private Del Mar Woods condo complex just to the south of 4th Street. Stratford Park Circle itself leads into a gated section of the complex; the Little Free Library is located in a bank of shrubs just outside the gates. Once you abandon the idea that you are hunting for a building, the LFL’s blue pot and an array of bright notes and flowers make it easy to spot.

Photos Virginia Lawrence
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This little library is all about community and sharing. No library card is required, though if you take a book it is suggested you leave one. One of the books has a note in it identifying a Must Read. There is a notice tacked on the left outside wall of the library describing a lost cat, and a bag of plastic tacks so the people can post other notices.

A big advantage for those who value their exercise: there is no parking for anyone inside Del Mar Woods except residents and their guests, so you will have to park on Stratford Court to the north of 4th Street – a minimum 0.2 mile hike to the library. For residents of Del Mar Woods, however, the location is ideal. This writer spoke to a resident out for a stroll who said he checks the collection every day.

The first Little Free Library was built in 2009 in Wisconsin; today there are approximately 15,000 registered Little Free Libraries in the world.

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