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Highlands Zones Out
Ann Gardner | Via Latina


Top of parking structure level with Townsgate Drive.
Graphic courtesy Donahue Schriber.
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A new below street level parking structure is planned for the Del Mar Highlands shopping center at Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real just east of I-5. It will be located off Townsgate Drive behind the current Jimbo’s/Barnes and Noble wing of the shopping center. Additionally the center will add a second story and expand Jimbo’s and the Cinepolis Cinema, displacing the current Barnes and Noble store. Kindercare will be relocated to the Townsgate Drive street level with no interruption in service. The expansion is the completion of a plan approved in the mid-1980s and will add 80,000 square feet of retail and 600 parking spaces (in three levels) to the current location. The owners, Donahue Schriber, have solicited feedback via surveys and the Carmel Valley Planning Board on what the community would like to see as part of the expansion. In response to B&N customers’ concern management said they would like to incorporate the book store into the expanded center in another location. The Planning Board has emphasized their interest in giving Townsgate Drive more of a “main street” ambiance by adding pedestrian connections between the Center and the Recreation Center, Solana Pacific Elementary School and Library across the street and are involving the City of San Diego in those discussions. Renovations, starting with the parking structure, theater expansion and KinderCare relocation,is expected to begin later this year with the center remaining open through the complete renovation in 2017.


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