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Project Progress
Courtesy Mayor Lee Haydu

San Dieguito River Bridge, the design work on the next phase has begun. The City is working with a contractor to design the next sidewalk project along Camino del Mar from 12th Street to 10th Street. A design is also underway for the area from Jimmy Durante Boulevard at San Dieguito Drive to the Del Mar Plaza, and features a narrowing of the northbound vehicular lane to create space for the sidewalk on the east side of the roadway and limit the height of any necessary retaining walls. Also, the City Council directed staff to study and seek public input on installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive.

Both designs will provide for intersection improvements for better pedestrian access and crossings and install sidewalks along the public right-of-way on the east and west sides of various areas along these blocks. This next phase of the Sidewalk, Street, and Drainage Improvements is expected to greatly improve pedestrian access and parking along the business corridor.

The City Council also approved replacement of a portion of the temporary-looking gray rubber trash receptacles at the beach street ends and the Powerhouse and Seagrove parks. During the Beach Colony Community Conversations that occurred in February 2014, a recurring theme was to add recycling receptacles to the beach street ends and parks, as well as a request to replace the temporary-looking gray rubber trash receptacles where feasible. There are approximately 110 rubber trash receptacles in these locations. The City Council authorized replacement of up to 40 and asked staff to reach out to partners in the community to help fund replacement of additional receptacles. If you are interested in participating with funding or would have suggestions on placement, please contact the City. The new trash cans will be installed this summer.



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