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The Del Mar City Council is encouraging ideas from the public about the proposed
Civic Center — including open mike at every City Council meeting
from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. To help that process, the Sandpiper is soliciting ideas from the public for the next several issues. A second is presented below. Publishing these ideas implies no endorsement by our editiors. Our goal is to broaden the community conversation. We hope to hear from more readers soon.

Clock Wise Phasing | Ideas Due June 9 | Sideways to City Hall |
Workshop 2 on June 9 | OPINION

Monty Woolley | 19th Street

The English name for public land held in common where villages hold events for the Community is called ‘Commons.’ In a recent letter to the Editor, Jacqueline Winterer asked “Is that dream dead?” The answer is no - the Leeger/Watkins plan for a Community Center is exactly that. A plan organized around outdoor courtyards and plazas to serve as a public gathering place. The plan features a Public Plaza large enough to accommodate our Del Mar Farmer’s Market and multiple Community social and cultural events. The City will retain 100% ownership of the land. Over 80% is exclusively for the City Hall/Chambers and Public Plaza. 20% is available for lease for resident serving shops and restaurants that will enhance services for our Community and offset some $3 to 5 million dollars of the City’s estimated $9 million dollar stand alone cost without the retail and restaurant. Finally after 35 years, an affordable plan for a much needed City Hall/Chambers and Public Plaza.

Parking is to be provided in a single level, easy in - easy out parking garage to meet all parking codes thus preventing back up into residential neighborhoods.
Finally, an efficient, affordable, user friendly Community Center with courtyards and plazas for Community interaction. A very special place for all residents to enjoy. The Commons concept is very much alive and doable.



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