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The Del Mar City Council is encouraging ideas from the public about the proposed
Civic Center — including open mike at every City Council meeting
from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. To help that process, the Sandpiper is soliciting ideas from the public for the next several issues. A second is presented below. Publishing these ideas implies no endorsement by our editiors. Our goal is to broaden the community conversation. We hope to hear from more readers soon.

Clock Wise Phasing | Ideas Due June 9 | Sideways to City Hall |
Workshop 2 on June 9 | OPINION

Clock Wise Phasing: Two Phases
Jacqueline Winterer | Ocean View Avenue

Note: Former Council Member Jacqueline Winterer addressed the Council on May 19 with a two-phase proposal that puts City Hall on Camino Del Mar, adds Plaza space and limits commercial development. Below are notes from her Council presentation.

PHASE 1 of Winterer’s two-phase proposal.
Sketch Jacqueline Winterer.  Click on image to enlarge.


Phase 1.
Funding: City Budget.
Starting from NE corner of the City Hall site at Camino del Mar and 10th and moving clockwise, elements will be:

  • Keep Existing City Hall operative until new City Hall is built. Major cost savings if the administrative functions move only once. There is great urgency for the City Council to go forward with the building of a new Civic Center: health and safety of the staff, staff retention etc.
  • Tear down the storage building: the area will serve as construction equipment site. Workers cars and equipment park here, off the streets.
  • Build a 10,000 to 11,000 sf City Hall that has a meeting room large enough to hold Council meetings until phase 2 is implemented, andunderground Parking.
  • Keep the existing TV studio/Council chambers operative until new council chambers are built.

Phase 2.
Funding: Public-Private part of project.
While Phase 1 is implemented the community conversation continues on what should be part of phase 2.

After City Hall built in Phase 1, starting from NE corner, moving clockwise:

  • Build a café-bakery-outdoor terrace (example Café Secret, Champagne Bakery) with or without underground parking
  • Build New Council Chambers on SW corner
  • 4 town homes at NW corner to provide revenue to pay for council chambers.
  • Parking under council chambers needs exploring: cost?
  • North of council chambers (between the town homes and council chambers), if and when funds are available, this might be the site for a theatre, exhibit hall whatever the community visualizes that can work here.

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