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EDITORIAL: Beyond the Cocoon

As our basements get bigger does our outside involvement get smaller? As landscapes are scrapped to make room for our own tennis courts and pools, do we lose our larger community vision? As we focus more on our own haven do we care less about what’s happening outside the boundaries of “olde Del Mar?” Do we really care if One Paseo clogs I-5 and ruins community character for Carmel Valley as long as we can beat the traffic home, as long as we can walk across 101 and down 15th street to the beach enjoying our low scale village? Do we really care if we have to drive to other communities for our groceries at Whole Foods in Flower Hill, drugs at CVS in the Heights, theatres in La Jolla Village, hardware at Ace Hardware in Carmel Valley or Dixieline in Solana Beach? Has it become o.k. to simply enjoy our little haven of quiet away from all that other development? We have our quiet library, our friendly Post Office and our Starbucks, plenty of restaurants and of course the Powerhouse and lots of parks. What else matters?

The Sandpiper diligently covers development outside our boundaries whether it is the expansion of I-5 with even more traffic lanes or One Paseo with eight and ten story buildings. When it looked like Le Bambou might be kicked out because of new owners at the Heights Shopping Center the Sandpiper intervened because Le Bambou, even though not technically in our borders, was indeed a neighbor worth saving. But maybe that is the exception; it is easy to say “that’s change,” and our caring does not stretch to Carmel Valley across I-5 and the Sandpiper should stop wasting print on informing readers about ‘outside development’ even asking readers to not only care but take action. Maybe it is enough to care just about what’s happening here in Del Mar.

Some of us get this question: “How much did you pay for your house and how much is it worth now?” Is this the only question worth asking and answering? It appears to be our new gold standard. Not increasing traffic or urban development elsewhere; only the quiet and increasing property values here. Let us know if our regional reporting is relevant and we hope any trend toward cocooning does not find us retreating even further into our personal spaces at the expense of community involvement.



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