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Francesco Parks Here
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Alessandro, Francesco and dog, Stella.
Photo Diletta Tedeschi. Click on image to enlarge.


The Parks and Recreation Committee can take much credit for its accomplishments to beautify our public areas but also about attracting its youngest member, Francesco Tedeschi – a man on the move who is subtracting time from his multidirectional life as the father of a 9-year-old, 4th grade student at Del Mar Hills and a corporate pilot to serve our community in this role of an advisory volunteer. Prior to moving to Del Mar in 2003, he and his wife, Diletta, a commercial pilot lived in Hermosa Beach but left their hearts in Del Mar during a drive-through in 2001. Del Mar offered the beach-town feeling – green, secluded and peaceful contrary to the transformation of Hermosa Beach from a small beach community into a collection of tightly spaced town-homes devoid of character. Aside from the natural beauty and the great neighbors, Francesco feels Del Mar is a very safe place to raise a family and to enjoy the ocean, the beach, parks, and more importantly walk everywhere.

Francesco has additional volunteer responsibilities in his service to his pilot’s association safety board. His work schedule flying corporate jets for a large company is up in the air most of the time. But when he joined Parks and Recreation, the committee’s Wednesday meeting day matched his day-off schedule. The personal values that influence his goals for his committee work are preserving and enhancing the character of our special community. He advocates concrete actions such as using more organic and less toxic fertilizers throughout our city parks to yield decreased water pollution, and to provide safer and healthier parks for our kids and visitors. In addition he wants to extend his contribution to improve the aesthetics of our parks and other City-owned grounds, as well as listening, and when necessary, support our citizens’ ideas and desires.
His birthplace was Milan, Italy, arguably the commercial, industrial and financial epicenter of Italy, but at age six his family lived for two years in a very small medieval town, population around 300, near the French border. In retrospect his experience of freedom and independence in such a small town as a child underscores the balance he has achieved for his family – the safety and warmth of a small town with the convenience and amenities of a larger city. Now his extended family is spread between Milan and Viareggio, a coastal city in Tuscany famous for its carnival and the beautiful sailing yachts manufactured there.

Helping his son with homework and school projects is a priority as is surfing and snow-skiing with him and his friends - and of course not to overlook walking the dog around town taking in stops to Dexter’s Deli and Seaside Yogurt – reflexively in a vain search of a gelateria. Cooking at home for him is a big enjoyment and no doubt influenced by exquisite culinary traditions, but the occasional dinners out take his family to Shimbashi, Kitchen 1540 at L’Auberge and to Il Fornaio for pizza. Francesco enthusiastically embraces community involvement, and his active lifestyle including walking around our village gives him the pleasure of appreciating the natural elements that his Committee – Parks and Recreation – works so diligently to preserve.


Alessandro and Francesco. Photo Diletta Tedeschi.
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