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Planning Perfect Park
Ann Gardner | Via Latina


The Shores Master Plan Advisory Committee.
Front row: Sissy Alsabrook, Cathy Asciutto, Gerry Coleman,
Art Olson, Judd Halenza, Piper Underwood. Back row: Nate McKay, Tom Sohn. Photo Roger Alsabrook.
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City Council has selected eight residents to serve on the Shores Park Master Plan Advisory Committee: Sissy Alsabrook, Cathy Asciutto, Nate McCay, Tom Sohn, Piper Underwood, Judd Halenza, Gerry Coleman, and Art Olson. Their community involvements range from Design Review Board, Del Mar Foundation, Del Mar Community Connections and Del Mar Village Association and include children’s after school activities; one served as a mediator for a School Association. Most have lived in Del Mar for more than 15 years. Council members expressed their appreciation to all 23 original applicants (according to Planning Director Kathy Garcia the largest number to apply for a single City committee) and hoped everyone would stay involved. The Council also expressed confidence that the committee could be objective and unbiased in its weighing of competing uses for the 5.3 acre Shores Park that was purchased by the City in 2008.


The Shores Property.
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Committee members will serve as a conduit of information, ideas and opinions from the larger community to the City Council, helping to gather, interpret and provide input and prioritize community interests for the park, making sure that the process is open, inclusive and consensus building. Surveys, public workshops and other means of opinion gathering will be used. All of the committee meetings will be open to the public and the committee will report regularly to City Council.

One of the Committee’s first assignments will be to choose two of their members to serve along with council members Terry Sinnott and Sherryl Parks in the selection of a professional park consultant who is expected to come on board this summer. As a part of their work, the consultant will facilitate community meetings and provide materials for discussion during the 12 to 18 month planning process. Ten consultants have responded to the City’s Request for Proposals. They will be evaluated not only for experience in park master planning, environmental regulations and local recreational patterns but also on their familiarity with the Del Mar community and the ability to engage public input, generate creativity and develop community consensus. Taking direction from City Council plus working closely with the Committee the consultant will develop a long term Master Plan for Council approval that will include a blue print for future uses, costs estimates and an implementation schedule. Taking a cue from the RFP language “the Master Plan process can…inspire the community to…develop a truly signature park for Del Mar.”



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