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Paseo: Speak Now ... or Gridlock Forever
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Faulconer Fudges
Mayor Faulconer is “still deliberating” whether or not to include San Diego’s $254,000 annual contribution to the San Dieguito River Park in his budget, according to the Union Tribune. San Diego is the only member agency of the seven including Del Mar and Solana Beach that hasn’t agreed to extend the 25-year-old agreement that has created almost 50 miles of pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian trails and recreational opportunities for all County residents and visitors as well as protecting fish, bird and other species habitats for future generations. Please email or write the Mayor and let him know the incomparable benefits far outweigh the costs: kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov or Mayor Kevin Faulconer, 202 C Street, MS#10A, San Diego California, 92101.

Don’t wait. Write or email San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer now regarding our concerns about the One Paseo development, and specifically our concerns about the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) that is expected to be released soon. Faulconer will be up for re-election in two years and may be more open to listening to constituents’ voices now in order to build voter support. Let him know we are concerned about the bias of the city’s Recirculated Alternatives One Paseo Draft EIR that flagrantly ignores the Carmel Valley Community Plan and finds the only feasible alternative still almost three times the square footage allowed by zoning, glosses over impacts on community character and traffic congestion that cannot be mitigated (resolved) and ignores the smaller less impactful Mixed Use Retail alternative.

Here are points raised by the City of Del Mar in its letter to the City of San Diego:

  • the (preferred) project alternative creates immitigable impacts to the surrounding community in terms of traffic, visual effect and neighborhood character and even emergency response times. (Asked whether the additional One Paseo traffic would have a negative impact on emergency response time, San Diego Fire Chief Javier Mainar responded: “The short answer to this question is yes.”

    See the Fire Chief's complete response here
    See a map of the Fire Demand Zone here.

  • projected congestion (Level F at Del Mar Heights I-5 exist east) will cause traffic rerouting through residential neighborhoods, both in Carmel Valley and communities to the west including Del Mar Heights and Del Mar Terrace in the City’s First District as well as coastal Del Mar.

  • the Draft EIR again fails to (recognize) appropriate and reasonable alternative to the proposed project.

  • there is no mass transit available to support a development of this size.

  • the building heights (some 8 to 10 stories) and intensity of use would be out of character with the low scale and low intensity character of the immediate vicinity. There are no measures available to reduce this impact.

  • we encourage the City to work with the applicants to achieve a viable main-street concept that achieves the goals of the project with significantly reduced community impacts in a manner similar to the Mixed Use Retail alternative in the Recirculated Alternatives Draft EIR.  here

What Price Main Street, a coalition of concerned residents, has also posted a “pre-populated” sample email you can send to the Mayor and other appropriate persons to express your opinion, but also encourages writers to send individualized comments. Go to www.whatpricemainstreet.com for details and/or send comments to: Mayor Kevin Faulconer, kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov; Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightener, representing Carmel Valley, Del Mar Heights and Terrace at sherrilightner@sandiego.gov and Renee Mezo, Project Planner, City of San Diego, rmezo@sandiego.gov. Go to the Sandpiper website to access the 26 page Recirculates Alternatives One Paso DEIR for additional information.



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