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Sandpiper Exclusives


~New City Hall:
Design to Include Indoor Plumbing

“Grateful city staffers will no longer have to squat in ditch,” said ... (continued on page 57)

~ Water Saving Measures:
Waterboarding to Be Discontinued

Due to the drought the Sheriff’s Department has announced plans to temporarily suspend waterboarding in Del Mar, confirmed a department spokesman. “Plans could change,” he added, “if the predicted El Nino storm front arrives earlier than ex-
(continued on page 72)

~ Affordable Housing:
Candidates Shun Del Mar

After years of watching Del Mar residents reject all plans for affordable housing, eligible candidates such as our public workers, restaurant employees, and school teachers, don’t want to live with “a bunch of snobs,” said members of an informal focus ... (continued on page 93)

~ Victory from the Jaws of Defeat:
Prop J to be Implemented Forthwith

In a surprise move, Appellate Court Judge Michael Beck reversed the defeat of Proposition J, citing campaign irregularities, including exceeding the number of lawn signs permissible at one time. Judge Beck directed the city to implement Prop J beginning with the narrowing of Camino Del Mar from two lanes each way to one as soon as signage can be erected pointing commuters to alternate routes. Southbound traffic on 101 will take Coast Boulevard to 15th Street, 15th to Stratford Court, right to 12th Street, back down to Stratford Court, straight to 4th Street and left to Highway 101. Northbound commuters will turn right on Del Mar Heights Road, left onto Nob to 8th, over to Hoska, down to Highland, hook past the water tower to 11th, down to Luneta, then straight (more or less) on Luneta to 15th, across 15th to Zuni, up to Forest, north to Serpen-  (continued on page 86)

~ Beach Colony:
Residents to Take Parking Problem Into Own Hands

Residents from 17th to 29th Streets will form a human chain around the Beach Colony from Memorial Day through Labor Day to prevent the general public from parking at the beach. “They come from everywhere…Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, even Solana Beach,” said a fed-up resident who wished to remain anony-
(continued on page 104)



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