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Boardwalk May Take A Hike
Jacqueline Winterer | Ocean View Avenue


Photo Jacqueline Winterer, Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley.  Click on photo to enlarge.


The Fairgrounds south lot is currently being converted to a new wetland by the 22nd DAA. The phase 1 restoration of 3 acres started in February 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by this April. Phase 2, the remainder of the parking area, will be completed by 2015. Of great concern to the local community is a requirement of the Coastal Commission that the 22nd DAA prepare a new plan for phase 2 without a boardwalk trail. The boardwalk trail, along the edge of the south lot has become very popular with local hikers who enjoy walking across the wetland and catching the sights of fish leaping out of the river, ducks sailing serenely along the river, herons wading in the water. Every effort will be made to persuade the Coastal Commission to reverse that decision and preserve the boardwalk.


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