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Survey Says
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Recently the City of Del Mar created a survey to determine people’s thoughts on the building of a civic center and city hall. 427 people took the survey either on-line or via paper. Of those people who took the survey 84.25% indicated that they were residents of Del Mar, while 13.65% indicated that they conduct business at city hall. 85% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that a new city hall should be built. 35 out of the 427 did not answer this question, while 15% do not believe that a new city hall should be built.

Another 71% thought a town hall meeting place should be part of the civic center while 17% disagreed. The next higher priority was public parking followed by community meeting rooms and plaza and/or open space.

About 74% of the participants believe that the civic center should be at the existing city hall site while 13% disagreed. About 12% thought that a private property on Camino del Mar and 9th St. should be purchased. 62% believe that the city should use lease revenue from the other portion of the city hall property to pay for the new city hall. 65% want to sell non-essential assets to pay for the city hall, while 41% do not want a public-private partnership to finance city hall.
Finally 2/3 of the participants want to receive emails regarding future civic center/city hall planning workshops, while 1/3 do not.

In the free-form comment section, most comments were against building a new city hall. Another major comment was to keep the farmer’s market.
While the survey shows strong support for a new city hall, it is difficult to determine the thoughts of so many who did not take the survey. Also it is interesting that 17% did not complete the survey after starting it.


Timeline for City Hall project

• Initial workshop and community survey completed
• Contract signed to have Keyser Marston update earlier work
• Council reviewed RFPs for Program Validation on March 17
• Finance Committee reports to Council on financial capacity Apr 7
• Council to hold city hall program discussion on April 21
• Council to review financial capacity and public / private partnerships May 5
• Council to review construction cost estimates May 19
• Council to discuss progress at each Council meeting through June (public comment)
• Community workshop June 9
• Council decision on City hall June 16



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