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Del Mar’s Bettina Experton, MD was born in France and received her medical degree from the University Pierre Mendes – Grenoble, France. She moved in San Diego in the 1990’s where she studied at UCSD Medical School and received a Masters in Public Health. Bettina is a long time resident of Del Mar and served on the Finance Committee as a member and chair. She was also very involved with the Garden Del Mar project. Bettina has been an advisor to the White House on medical issues.

Bettina and Chris Barrow, another Delmarian founded a company in 1998 called Humetrics, a mobile health (“mHealth”) technology company. The company is home to a team of all local North-County residents with offices tucked under beautiful Torrey Pines just steps away from Stratford Café, Humetrix’s favorite lunch spot.

Humetrix (“Hum” for “human” and “metrix” for “software”) has been innovating in mHealth since its inception, with a goal of revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship using mobile apps that literally put a patient’s healthcare information in the palm of their hands via a smartphone. For Bettina and Chris this is all about improving patient safety when more than 200,000 preventable deaths occur every year in the U.S. because of medical errors, many of which result from a lack of up to date patient information in doctors’ offices or the ER.

Today, Humetrix is recognized as one of the country’s leading mHealth companies, having developed over the last three years mobile medical apps which have won multiple industry innovation awards in national competitions organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In December Humetrix won the prestigious Fierce Innovation Award in healthcare.

The Humetrix iBlueButton mobile apps enable one to download and share your own health records (e.g., from Medicare, the VA or TRICARE and now from physician and hospital Electronic Medical Record systems) with your physicians. ICEBlueButton lets one put your personal healthcare details on your smartphone to share with emergency responders if needed. These apps enable Blue Button, a public-private initiative of over 500 public and private organizations under the revised HIPAA law to give Americans the tools and the right to have electronic access to their health records. Free to download from the App store or Google play, these apps are “Made in Del Mar” and can be a life saver for you or your parents on Medicare, for having your children’s health or immunization records at your finger tips and for keeping everyone prepared in case of an emergency.


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