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Richard (Dr. Rich) Simons | Upper East 11th Street

Whenever I think about Mom’s cooking a tear comes to my eye. And if you had ever been treated to one of her Salmonella Tuna Sandwiches, you’d have done a lot of crying too. Legal considerations prevent me from publishing her recipe for those little gastronomic hand grenades, but here is something that packs about the same wallop - the cake she made for my seventh birthday:


One large pound cake.
One large bottle of rum.
One large book of matches.

Let pound cake sit out two or three days, until very dry.

Douse cake with liberal splash of the rum. Allow it to soak in. Attempt to light. Express surprise when it doesn’t. Apply more rum, try again. Feign agitation. Become more generous with rum. Use up entire book of matches. Say: “Oh, what the hell, kids.” Pour in rest of rum.

Serve and enjoy.


This recipe originally appeared in the DMCC’s “Del Mar Recipes and Recollections” (2003) on page 33. Out of print, but available in Del Mar Library.  Click on image to enlarge.


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