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Lawn be Gone:
Water Conservation Rebates and Discounts

1) Turf Replacement Program
The San Diego County Water Authority pays an incentive of $1.50 per square foot when a grass lawn is replaced with a beautiful water-efficient landscape suited to our region’s semi-arid climate.
Here are a few highlights of the program:

WaterSmart Turf Replacement program only applies to front yards (and side yards if visible from the street); the maximum incentive payment is:

  • Up to $3,000 for replacing 2,000 square feet of turf for residential sites, or
  • Up to $9,000 for replacing 6,000 square feet of turf for commercial, institutional, or industrial sites

If you remove your grass lawn before you receive approval, you will not qualify for the rebate. www.turfreplacement.watersmartsd.org

2) San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs Offer Discounts and Tips
The San Diego County Water Authority and several member agencies have teamed with The Home Depot to offer significant savings at San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs this spring. During the plant fairs, specially marked containers of low-water-use plants such as lavender, bougainvillea, society garlic and rosemary will be discounted at select The Home Depot stores. Industry experts will be at the plant fairs to provide information about water-efficient irrigation supplies, and how to select and grow low-water-use plants. The Home Depot certified nursery consultants will host how-to workshops, and local retail water agency staff will be on-hand with information about water conservation.

San Diego County Garden Friendly Plant Fairs
Plant Fairs are 8 a.m. to noon at these locations of The Home Depot:

May 31: 5755 Mission Ave., Oceanside
June 14: 4255 Genesee Ave, San Diego
June 14:1320 Eastlake Pkwy, Chula Vista

For more information about plant fairs and outdoor water conservation, go to www.WaterSmartSD.org.

3) The SoCal Water$mart 2013-2014 commences on July 1, 2013 and ends on June 30, 2014 for Metropolitan Water District’s residential water rebate customers. All of the same products and rebates from the previous program are still available. (High Efficiency Toilets, High Efficiency Clothes Washers, Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers, Rotating and Sprinkler Nozzles). There are no changes in the requirements from the previous program and rebates offered by local water agencies are available through http://www.socalwatersmart.com.
Effective October 15, 2013, rebates are being offered for Rain Barrels ($75 per barrel) and Soil Moisture Sensor Systems ($80 or $25 irrigation station for large residential sites).


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