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New City Talent
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Kristen Crane and Jon Terwilliger.  Photo Anthony Corso. 
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Del Mar recently recruited two remarkably talented, educated and experienced employees - Kristen Crane and Jon Terwilliger. They arrive with great potential for contributing to the City.

Kristen joins Del Mar as Assistant to the City Manager, bringing eighteen years of experience in local government management with four other cities in California, including Glendale, Claremont, Citrus Heights, and most recently, Poway. Her career has focused on finance, human resources, risk management, and public works.

Her latest engagement with Poway found her functioning as the Utilities Administrator, working on water and wastewater, including programs to maximize water efficiency and water quality. In light of present-day drought conditions affecting California and those of us living in this Southern Region, her expertise should prove invaluable.

Kristen credits five years with Citrus Heights as a pivotal experience, when it was newly incorporated. “The City Council and community had a strong vision for their community, and there were no set practices or policies. We were always starting from scratch, which meant tremendous project variety and learning opportunities.”
Jon Terwilliger, Senior Management Analyst, brings with him over 14 years in public service -- most recently with the City of Beverly Hills. He has obtained a unique reputation for his devotion to customer service. He is described on the website “Linkedln” as “a catalyst for successful operational, customer service, technological and business development initiatives.” After a brief conversation, one can determine that the description is accurate.

His professional experiences encompass a breadth of projects; he defines his role as “Assisting the City Manager and City Council Members in achieving their adopted plans and priorities.”

In only a few short weeks, he has provided staff support to the City Council, assisted with the Beach Colony community meetings, has assumed responsibilities as staff liaison for the Downtown Parking Study, and assisted with implementing the Streetscape Plan, as well as facilitating a Bicycle Parking program, and investigating the feasibility of instituting a joint bicycle sharing program.
In addition to his devotion to customer service, he expresses a passion for enhancing public service and determining approaches for improving organizational efficiency through his expertise in technology.

In summary, both Kristen and Jon have reputations for managing complicated civic projects and “getting it done.” They are truly experienced in a broad scope of engagements.




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