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Nancy Fisher

Crouch Jumps In

Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Knowing that the City of Del Mar is always looking for residents to serve on its many committees, the Sandpiper met with one of the newest members of the Design Review Board, Scott Crouch, to find out how he feels about his new role.

NF: What made you look into volunteering to serve on a city committee?

SC: I’d been thinking about it for a few years and then some friends and neighbors who are active in the community started encouraging me to get involved. I thought, since I have a degree in Accounting, that the Finance Committee might be a good fit, but after a few meetings, in spite of how helpful the other members were, it just didn’t feel right. At the same time I realized that there were two openings on the DRB, which I’d always been interested in pursuing. The application was due the next day and, fortunately, I just made it!

DRB Member Scott Crouch.
Photo Nancy Fisher.  Click on photo to enlarge.

NF: We’ve heard that it can be tough for parents of school-age kids to serve – and you have three. Did you take that into consideration, and has it been an issue?

SC: It hasn’t been an issue for me because my job as a real estate broker allows me freedom in scheduling. It’s absolutely manageable, and I’m convinced it would be manageable for someone working a more conventional schedule as well. It’s only once a month and, depending on the number of items on the agenda, it takes anywhere from three to six hours to be prepared. And it’s a lot of fun!

NF: You’ve been on the DRB for about nine months now. Has it been a satisfying experience? Have you learned anything about the role of the DRB that surprised you?

SC: Having built two homes in Del Mar, I had an understanding of the role of the DRB, but what really surprised me was the efficiency of the city staff members. They’re so dedicated and organized that I couldn’t be more impressed. I simply pick up the staff reports five days prior to the meeting, which includes everything you need, and review them. If I’d known that, I would have volunteered years ago!

NF: Many members of City Council and the DRB have come up through serving on the Lagoon Committee, or other City committees, but you just jumped right in. Do you think prior committee experience is helpful, or could any motivated resident research what’s expected and then continue to learn on the job?

SC: I think they could jump right in. There’s a learning curve, but there’s also a tremendous support system, so it doesn’t require nearly as much time and effort as you’d think. I’m still learning, but have become more comfortable with my judgment and decisions.

NF: Last question. Four of the five current City Council members have served on the DRB. Any big plans for the future? Maybe a Sandpiper

SC: Now you’re making me nervous.

NF: But that wasn’t a no.

SC: Might have to be in a position where I was working part time, but I haven’t ruled it out completely. Oh boy, now I’m probably on the record.



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