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Tackling Traffic
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Photo Anthony Corso.
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A quandary persists in Del Mar as to how to achieve public safety while resolving such issues as vehicular speeding, traffic congestion, perceived inadequate parking and numerous conflicts between automobiles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Some of the major issues include:

• Drivers ignoring crossing lights. The screech of brakes is frequently heard.

• The view of a warning or street crossing light is blocked when travel lanes are full.

• Drivers ignore signs and crossing lights and drive through.

• Crossing lights are too dim to be seen on a sunny day.

• There is inadequate parking in the downtown area though spaces are available in other areas of the City.

• There are few racks for storing bikes.

• We have an oversupply of red painted curbs which reduces curb parking.

The Del Mar Traffic and Parking Committee, is staunchly addressing such problems and is charged with the responsibility of drafting recommendations to the City Council. It considers alternatives working in conjunction with city staff and various departments.

Deliberation and joint discussion or “consensus building” is required as a part of its responsibilities. Some persons argue that contributes to an excessive time for solving problems. On the other hand, the problems and solutions are multi-faceted and require collaboration and dialogue.

The current agenda of TPAC includes: the development of a parking plan which accommodates pedestrian, automobiles and bicycles, the application of new lighting, signage or other technological solutions to the dangerous crossing of Camino Del Mar. Brighter, blinking lights and signs and pedestrian control stop lights have been tried- sometimes ignored by pedestrians and drivers alike! An emerging issue is the painting of red curbs at various locations to prohibit parking such as adjacent to driveways. Some individuals maintain that there are too many red cubs thus eliminating available curb parking.

Large graphic signs were recently installed indicating the location of available parking lots. It seems there are some solutions to some quandaries!!



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