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Bill Michalsky

When in Drought…

Del Mar Garden Club

Water 101

Ken Olson

When in Drought…
Water Wisdom from the Del Mar Garden Club


In the Garden

Gale Darling

Replace lawns (water guzzlers) with plants that are native to our climate and bring birds, bees and butterflies to our gardens.

Pat Welsh

  • Replace thirsty plantings with drought-resistant succulents, such as aloes, agaves, kalanchoes and crassulas.
  • Replace thirsty shrub roses with disease-resistant climbing roses, such as Lady Banks Rose, which has no pests, thorns or diseases and needs little irrigation once established.
  • Increase garden charm without any irrigation whatsoever by adding brick patios and paths, painting garden furniture bright Mediterranean colors, and building arbors and pergolas. Cover pergolas with wisteria, which needs no fertilizer and little irrigation once established.
  • Control weeds and prevent evaporation by covering all bare ground with mulch.
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Mary Friestedt

  • Use Mediterranean plants and to add more color, take the dried up flowers of purple sea lavenders (Limonium perezii) and shake out the seeds. In a short time, there will be purple flowers, which seem to bloom practically all year long.
  • Dot spots with a cute yellow-flowering succulent called Little Pickles (Othonna capensis), which the Del Mar Garden Club has used extensively at the Library.


In the Kitchen

Carol Vernon

  • Use cooled water from cooking to water plants in garden.
  • Collect kitchen tap water while warming in a large pitcher and use this water for cooking or making coffee.
  • Use water from washing garden vegetables to water plants.
  • Wipe soiled dishes with paper towel instead of rinsing before dishwasher.
  • Compost food scraps instead of discarding in garbage disposal.
Water saving circulating pump with timer in Carol Vernon’s bathroom. Photo Carol Vernon. 
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In the Bathroom

Carol Vernon

Use a small circulating pump in our upstairs bathroom under our sink that we have on a timer. It allows us to have hot water instantly instead of letting it run while waiting for the hot water to get to the upstairs.

Rosanne Holliday

  • Shower with loved ones.
  • Buy dark color towels and save the white towels for non-drought times.

Karen Lockwood

Keep bucket in shower to collect warming shower water and use to flush toilet.



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