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Ask Dr. Rich 
Rich Simons | Upper East 11th Street


Q. What did you and your wife do this year to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? – r.j.
First of all, I am more than a little ticked off at your assumption that I passed the day with my wife. If you understood anything about my rich Latin heritage, you would realize that I might have had several other possibilities!

Be that as it may, I will admit that you have caught me out here. Ruth and I did spend the evening together, but it fell well short of what you might call a “celebration.” Oh, I remember the days when we did celebrate: reservations at a schmaltzy restaurant, dining by candlelight beneath the stars, guitar strumming softly in the background. Then we would dance the night away at the edge of the sand, to the tune of the ocean sloughing to and fro.

Friday didn’t quite work out that way. We began the evening creeping through dense fog up to the Urgent Care facility up on Torrey Pines Mesa. People who fall down a lot often locate sharp objects in the course of their journey. After they got me stitched up and had poured a gallon of antibiotic into me, we oozed our way back through the fog to home, where we dined on warmed over meatloaf and beans right out of the can, by the flickering glare of the Olympic Games. No flowers. No candy. Certainly no dancing. Well, I did sent her an e-valentine.

Shortly after “dinner” the wife retreated to bed, as is her habit, to get into one of her detective novels. As is my habit, I stayed up to catch Letterman, Nightline and an old movie (or two). Well, what did you expect? Valentine’s Day is for young people hoping to feel the prick of Cupid’s weaponry. The little bugger nicked us good in the summer of 1955. I’ll let you do the arithmetic. But, anyway, thanks for asking. It brought back a lot of old memories. Good memories.

Do you have any thoughts on the new City Hall being planned for Del Mar? – j.p.
You bet! First of all, Del Mar always seems to need more restaurants, so it should include a large food court. And something that is FUN! Like a bowling alley or a skating rink. Because we have a demographic here that is not being well served – and that is our under-twenty crowd. For entertainment our youngsters have to sneak east of I-5, and I’m sure none of us relish the thought of our children being exposed to that environment.

And while I’m at it, that lot on Jimmy Durante Blvd. across from Southfair is a perfect size for a Go-Kart track. Teach the kids to drive fast while they’re still young. VAROOOM!


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