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Project Progress
Courtesy Mayor Lee Haydu

The City is embarking on one of its most significant capital improvement projects in many years – the sidewalk, street, and drainage project. This project will provide for substantial improvements to fix pedestrian path issues, encourage walkability, address drainage issues, and improve streets. This project is beginning in the Beach Colony area. The City will be completing installation of the City’s approved Camino del Mar Streetscape Plan from 22nd Street to the San Dieguito Bridge, filling in missing curbs and gutters, installing bulb-outs, pedestrian ramps, and sidewalks, and roadway improvements along Camino del Mar. This work will also accommodate the landscaping of newly created parkway areas in compliance with the City’s Streetscape Plan.

Additionally, the City is nearing completion of the North Torrey Pines Bridge project. The Gas Company is continuing to replace the previously disconnected gas line and is scheduled to finish by the end of February. The bridge contractor will subsequently complete the remaining surface and roadway improvements in March. The City is excited to complete this important project to preserve the historic character of the bridge.

Soon, you’ll start to see some activities related to the future of the Shores Park. With the creation of the new Shores Park Master Plan Committee, the City is moving ahead with developing a master plan for the site. The intent of the Park Master Plan process is to provide a comprehensive long-range vision intended to guide the Park’s development and a “blueprint” to set the public policies regarding the future facilities, programs and management actions. To stay informed of the status of the project, please visit the City’s website.

Finally, the City is continuing its efforts to analyze the feasibility of a new City Hall/Civic Center. The City Council is pleased with the community input provided through the recent survey about a new City Hall/Civic Center. The City Council will continue to seek community input throughout this comprehensive research and planning phase.


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