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New Name New Spaces
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


The Sandpiper previously acknowledged the makeover of the Del Mar Heights Village Shopping Center located on Del Mar Heights Road and Mango Drive. We now note the new name-- “Beachside Del Mar.” In addition to the name change a recent press release offers the following summary of information.

“Quality shopping, dining, and gathering amenities are planned…without increasing the center’s size or layout. Ways to increase the accessibility of the Center are being explored including improvements to the Center’s pedestrian and vehicular entryways.”

“The remodel will reflect nearby community architecture and the character of local resorts. It will use rich materials such as lap siding, shingles, brick and stone veneering and ceramic tile in earth tones. New open spaces will feature casual, comfortable seating with water features, colorful potted plants and benches where local residents can gather and relax."

In previous conversations Elizabeth Schreiber, vice-president and general manager of Donahue Schriber, notes the firm’s frequent engagement of community members, through the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board, in an effort to reflect their desires and needs. A market survey and online research of nearly 500 persons provided additional feedback and recommendations. Similarly, the Sandpiper successfully intervened and ensured the continuation of Le Bambou restaurant.

The firm, Donahue Schreiber, operates a portfolio of seventy-four shopping centers on the West Coast. Renovations to Beachside Del Mar are planned to begin late Spring 2014 and to be completed by November. More will be reported as the project unfolds.



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