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Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Administrative Service Director Andrew Potter.
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Del Mar’s City Clerk has disappeared!!! No, I mean the title! The current title is the “Administrative Service Director” and belongs to the newest member of city government, Andrew Potter.

Potter represents recent staff changes which occurred following the comprehensive evaluation of city operations and the requests of residents and members of the City Council. The position was crafted as a result of the study; Andrew was retained and given three major assignments.

The first is the development and implementation of an electronic document and management system. The project is perhaps best represented by the shipping containers being loaded with tons of documents, maps etc. from the space appended to City Hall. All the material was electronically reproduced with a resultant gain in space.

The second project is continuing. It entails the remaking of the city web site. The site will update existing information and introduce added information-- some of which will have interactive features and be integrated with social media.
The final project is referred to as “Trak it.” The project will allow the City to determine the progress of an individual project. Such knowledge often requires hours of research and an infinite number of contacts and discussion.

Together the three projects represent a major contribution to the efficiency of the City’s governance; they also signify a real service to residents who often need up-to-date facts and information. They also hold the potential for inventing new management systems to carry the City still further into the future.
Andrew was previously employed by San Diego County and the City of Coronado. When asked why he sought employment in Del Mar he described the natural and man-made beauty of the City, the reputation residents have earned for their involvement in government and the overall sense of Del Mar as a “true Community.”

Andrew is the first of three new employees. Next week, Kristen Crane will begin her employment as an Assistant to the City Manager and Jon Terwilliger will assume the role of Senior Management Analyst.



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