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YOLOs and More
Leila Zein-Phillison | Torrey Pines High School Senior


New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time to reflect on the past year, and as important, to look forward to the coming year. The reset of the calendar is regarded as a time to take stock, renew and start fresh.

As 2013 came to an end, SDUHSD students looked back at the year’s memorable highlights and took note of things they could do to make 2014 even better.
“I don’t have only one New Year’s resolution, I have like 10,” shared TPHS freshmen, Jessica, adding, “My biggest New Year’s resolution is to get better grades.”

Many SDUHSD students share Jessica’s resolution, in addition to other commonly named, generic resolutions such as, eating healthier, exercising more, and spending more time with family. Students also noted that most of the New Year’s resolutions that are made are not accomplished.

According to Statistic Brain, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, and of those who make resolutions, only 8% are successful in achieving their resolution.
“My list of New Year’s resolutions has been the same since elementary school. After January I forget I even made a resolution,” said LCC junior, Sofia.

The other 55% are like TPHS senior Max, who do not make New Year’s resolutions.
Max says that he has never made a New Year’s resolution. He prefers making bucket lists. “Every year I add stuff to a bucket list and check stuff off as I do them. Soon I can cross of graduate [high school] and go to college.”

While many stick to the tried and true resolutions, some students make unique ones. “I want to become fluent in another language,” said CCA junior Kinni.

Others, like SDA sophomore, Francessca, went to the extreme; “This year I want to take more risks by doing something super exhilarating, like jumping out of a plane because YOLO [you only live once]. Or is YOLO too 2013?”

Whether one’s resolutions are generic or extreme, the beauty of the new year is that we are reminded to keep trying to improve ourselves in some way, and isn’t that really what the resolution business is all about?



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