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Seven Sidewalks
Dave Druker | 10th Street

Recently, the City Council approved seven separate sidewalk projects for design and one for construction. By June 2014, the north beach area will have continuous sidewalk to the Via de la Valle on the west side of Camino del Mar (CDM) and to the San Dieguito Bridge on the east side. The east side portion will also complete the storm drain system so that there will be no more flooding along the east side of CDM.

The other seven projects are:

1) Finishing the 11th, 12th and 13th Street intersections at Camino del Mar
2) Creating a continuous sidewalk from the Plaza to the Fairgrounds along the east side of CDM and Jimmy Durante, with a crossing to the west side of Jimmy Durante at San Dieguito Dr.
3) Creating a continuous sidewalk on the east side of CDM from 8th St. to 4th St.
4) Creating a sidewalk on the west side of CDM from 4th St. to Carmel Valley Rd.
5) Creating a sidewalk on the south side of Via de la Valle from CDM to Jimmy Durante
6) Creating a sidewalk along the north side of Jimmy Durante from the fairgrounds main entrance to the Del Mar Fire Station.
7) Creating a sidewalk on the east side of CDM from the San Dieguito Bridge to Via de la Valle.

Each of these projects has their own peculiarities and difficulties. Once the designs are complete and the costs are estimated, the City Council can determine the schedule for construction.
Information was provided by Tim Thiele RBF Engineering – On Call Engineer for the City of Del Mar.


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