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Public Works Working
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


Del Mar’s Director of Public Works, Eric Minicilli.
Photo Nancy Fisher.  Click on image to enlarge.


We see them all over town maintaining the landscaping of our public parks, repairing potholes, benches, and public restrooms, and fixing broken sewer lines. But even before we leave our homes Del Mar’s Public Works Department (PW) has probably touched our lives. That first cup of coffee? The shower? The water was purchased from the City of San Diego by the Public Works Department, and the wastewater was pumped to a station at 21st Street where it will be sent to Point Loma to be treated and pumped to the ocean.

The Public Works Department is charged with maintaining Del Mar’s essential infrastructure and its five primary responsibilities, many of which are served through contracts with outside providers, include:

• City facilities and their grounds. PW maintains City Hall, the Library, parts of the Shores property, and the Public Works Building.
• Streets with associated drainage, pedestrian paths, bike lanes, signage, traffic signals, and landscaping. PW oversees street sweeping, pothole repair, landscaping, sign installation and signal maintenance, dead animal removal, and much more.
• Open spaces including park landscaping, public pathways, and beach maintenance. PW maintains the parks and other city-owned property, cleans the beaches and beach restrooms, empties public trash cans, and sets up for and cleans up after city-sponsored events.
• Potable water including storage reservoirs and associated distribution network for distributing water purchased through various interagency agreements. PW purchases, tests, and distributes Del Mar’s water supply, maintains the pipelines and water meters, and reads the water meters.
• Wastewater collection and pumping to receiving agencies which transport and treat. PW collects and pumps Del Mar’s wastewater to Point Loma for treatment.
In addition to these primary tasks, PW is also responsible for managing the City’s Capital Improvement Programs (CIP). For example, if all goes well, residents can expect to have continuous sidewalks on both sides of Camino Del Mar from 22nd Street to the Camino Del Mar Bridge before this coming Memorial Day weekend, and a CIP scheduled for the fall would install a new sewer force main connecting the City of Del Mar to the City of Solana Beach, reducing wastewater treatment costs for both cities.



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