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Gregg Hibbard | Chairman Sustainability Advisory Board

The City of Del Mar is presently recruiting three Board members needed to fill vacancies on its Sustainability Advisory Board. The Board was originally established to assist the City Council in promoting clean and reliable energy. Since then the Board’s agenda has broadened as Council members and local residents have expressed an ongoing concern for issues related to environmental quality and preservation of our unique seaside community.

The Board assumes the responsibility for drafting recommendations to the Council on policies and actions it supports or opposes that would dramatically affect Del Mar and the San Diego region. The Board has assumed a leadership position in educating residents and businesses on environmental matters.

As noted by board member Anthony Corso, “there is no single ‘quick solution’ to the problems of air quality, climate change, water shortages, pollution of our soil, etc.” “Nevertheless, there are policies, programs and actions that can be pursued in the long term with dramatic results. Del Mar has been blessed with residents who are creative, well-educated and public spirited. I discovered that you don’t have to be an environmental scientist to assist. In this regard, committed volunteers are needed to serve on the Sustainability Board and explore alternative solutions!”

Advisory Board meetings are held on the third Thursday evenings of each month, at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Annex Building. In addition to the monthly meetings, Board Members typically volunteer 7-10 hours per month in the development of suggested policies and programs for public consideration.

For further information or an application, please call Andrew Potter, the Administrative Services Director at (858) 755-9313. Applications are also available at the City Hall Office Building on Camino Del Mar.


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