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No Idle Idling
Dr. Bruce Bekkar MD | Del Mar Sustainability Advisory Board


Photo Tony Corso. 
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The Del Mar Sustainability Advisory Board recently took a decisive step to impede vehicle idling in the City of Del Mar. It managed, via an existing ordinance, to have the City adopt anti-vehicle idling regulations and designate appropriate signs forbidding prolonged vehicle idling. The Board successfully lobbied for signs at locations where idling is excessive: at Powerhouse Park and taxi stands on 15th street- and requested further signage in the beach area at the end of west-facing streets. Care was taken in the design of the signs as well as their placement so they would be informative without being too noticeable or obscuring views.
The remaining, and greater challenge, is to determine how the action will be enforced. In the future one can expect more regulations to be recommended and adopted by the City Council to preserve a healthy and flourishing environment.
Leaving our cars parked with the engines running produces air pollution, and contributes to problems like smog and global warming-- all of which are extremely harmful to our health. Vehicle exhaust contains air toxins and fine particles associated with increased incidence of respiratory ailments, heart disease and serve as a greater cancer risk.

Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to improved air quality and respiratory health.



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