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Book Corner: Reading on the Run
Brooke Eisenberg-Pike | Hoska Drive


I do love books. Just thinking about “curling up with a good book” makes me feel all cozy and warm. But I must admit that I have become lazy, too lazy to curl up. What with Netflix, Sirius Radio and my DVR I have been getting an entertainment overload. My reading has suffered. I heard a commercial for Audible.com and I thought that if I could listen to a book while I walk my dogs, do housework or garden I might enjoy a new kind of “reading” experience.

It is not quite the same as reading but it is certainly satisfying and plays right into my need to multitask. After listening to a book I can’t say I have read it, but I have enjoyed a performance. I grew up having stories read to me by my mother, always begging for more. And yes, I did grow up listening to the radio as a young child. So I guess I am the perfect candidate for listening to books. I have only been doing this for a few months and am now onto my fifth book. If you haven’t tried it you might be surprised at what an enjoyable experience it is.



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