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Birdwing Takes Wing
Jeffrey Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive


A model of Birdwing against the Lagoon.
Courtesy Jeffrey Barnouw.  Click on image to enlarge.


You read about its coming in the Sandpiper of June 2012, the “Birdwing” open-air classroom by the Lagoon Trail in the San Dieguito River Park. A grant from a San Diego County discretionary fund, $112,600 of our tax dollars, was provided by Supervisor Pam Slater-Price to launch the project. A second contribution of $227,000 was added in October 2013. The first phase of construction, completed March 15, 2013, included excavation and grading and the creation of a dry streambed-arroyo for drainage.

Now that the bird nesting season is over, construction has resumed, heralded by a Ground-breaking Ceremony on October 24, attended by many supporters, Third-Graders from Ocean Air Elementary and Pam Slater-Price and her successor as Supervisor, Dave Roberts. He has arranged for a further County grant of $150,000 to enable completion, that is, to put the roof on it.

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy is also raising funds, to cover permitting, landscaping etc., so far $140,000 toward a goal of $160,000. They held an afternoon party at the Belly-Up and a reception on the lawn of Arkal and Vasanthi Shenoy’s home overlooking the valley and the site.



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