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PET PEEVES: Bumper Cars
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


Photo Tony Corso
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Michael Turko (KUSI News) is well-known for his hard-nosed approach to solving public problems, particularly those that are left half-finished, are overly expensive, or seem to serve no purpose. In many respects he is the patron saint of local residents. He often advocates on their behalf especially when needed public projects are ignored despite public pleas.
This Halloween I decided to become “the Del Mar Turko,” to think like him, although not dress like him. I don’t have the costume!! Mentally I began to compose a list of issues and situations for which I felt annoyance. To avoid being a “disgruntled commentator” I’ve limited them this time to just one.

Parking spaces adjacent to the Del Mar Post Office on 15th street are a trap awaiting the unwary car and driver, especially when they attempt to park, as the stripes indicate, with the front end towards the curb. Unfortunately, the curb is too high. Bumpers mount the curb and are dragged along them. Front ends are frequently dented and smashed as they come to a halt.

Automobile mechanics and body shop repair persons seldom complain unlike some members of the public. Standing outside the Post Office and watching drivers slowly edging their cars into parking spaces provided an opportunity to discuss their dismay and frustration. They were aware of the curbs jutting out and waiting to damage their cars. In fairness, they acknowledged that their cars have gotten more streamlined and lower which has increased the possibility of “curb attack.” But what should they do?? Get rid of their cars?? A number recalled that lengthy discussions held in the past promoted an inexpensive cosmetic solution — repaint the curb, especially the blue handicapped area. Car damage was not on the agenda.

What might Turko have to offer?
His solution: “Concrete tire stops are obviously needed to keep the front ends from reaching the curb. Spend the money! It’s only fair.”



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