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EDITORIAL: Local Lucre


Prime shopping season is upon us. This year we have an opportunity to achieve a triple win by shopping right here in our home town. One, we help our business neighbors, mostly sole propietors, feed their modest profit lines. Two, every purchase yields sales tax which feeds our general fund enabling us to afford our essential city services. Three, shopping here in a pleasant pedestrian environment saves time and reduces our stress levels from fighting crowded freeways and packed shopping malls.

It may surprise you to learn that we have quite a variety of retail goods and services. The Sandpiper has been trying to introduce some of these businesses and in this issue we showcase some who responded to the Village Association’s request for participants.

A leisurely stroll in downtown Del Mar beats a crowded shopping mall any day. Within a 2-3 block stretch one can visit at least a dozen stores. No big crowded parking lot a half mile from the stores. No big department stores several blocks apart with escalators and elevators. No confusing signposts telling us where various products might be found.

Instead you will find sole proprietor stores, uncrowded, good quality merchandise, and most of all very customer-friendly attitudes. No need to take an elevator to an obscure corner of a third floor to wait in line for wrapping. The wrapping can take place while you check out the shop next door, make another easy purchase, grab a bite to eat at a sidewalk cafe, or saunter down to Seagrove Park for a whiff of ocean air.

Check out downtown Del Mar this holiday season. You may spend the same amount of time as fighting your way through a shopping mall but in your home town you will get to enjoy the streets, the people, the ocean, the exercise, instead of the speed and bumpers of a couple thousand cars.



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