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DMTV Presents
Are You Ready?
Luana Karr | Del Mar TV


Photo courtesy Del Mar TV.  Click to enlarge.

Educating families regarding emergency preparedness and disaster planning has been an ongoing endeavor for Community Connections and their educator Carol Kerridge. Many neighborhood meetings have been held over the past few years to try and emphasize the importance of planning and being prepared should a disaster occur.

In order to bring life to this important information, Community Connections partnered with the Del Mar Television Foundation to produce a video that explains how to prepare and what to do in case of a major emergency such as flooding or a disaster such as an earthquake or neighborhood fire should occur. We watch the news and see the disasters that have happened, yet many of us have not taken the time to prepare our homes and make plans for our families. “These terrific videos which use many Del Mar residents as actors, illustrate several of the important issues that were contained in the popular “Are You Ready, Del Mar?” neighborhood disaster preparedness meetings that were held over the last several years. We hope that these very accessible, easy to follow videos will serve as reminders of how important it is to be prepared,” states Carol.
Also included is the NEST program or Neighborhood Emergency Support Team. NEST is a Community Connections’ sponsored program that matches volunteers in neighborhoods to help those who need assistance getting prepared for or getting to safety during an emergency.

Del Mar Television has tried to make this interesting and user-friendly so that each of us can become informed and make emergency preparedness part of our family planning. You can watch the videos October 19th at 7pm, October 21st at 5:30pm and Sunday 10/29 at 10am. It will concurrently stream online and will also be available Del Mar TV Online Vimeo Channel. Are You Ready?



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