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Sowing Scholars
Nicole Holliday | Crest Road


Noah Schaner on a tractor. Courtesy of the Schaner Family. 


Since the early 1990s the Del Mar Farmers Market has awarded scholarships to students currently enrolled in higher education and either work at the market or behind the scenes during breaks from school.

This summer the market awarded $5,000 in student scholarships. The recipients represent a variety of colleges and have wide-ranging academic goals.
Elma Binuya, of Blue Heron Organic Produce, attends Kaplan University and studies nursing. She is a second year recipient of a DMFM scholarship. Says Elma of her academic endeavors, “my goal is to become a nurse. I’d like to continue on with my education to receive advanced degrees in nursing, and someday specialize in pediatrics.” Elma works most Saturdays selling organic strawberries and lettuces.

Grandson of Annie Hogervorst ( affectionately referred to as the “egg lady” ) attends Palomar College and is one of seven scholarship recipients in his family. Brenton Nevarez is studying sports medicine and intends to transfer to a four-year college as soon as his lower division courses are completed. Brenton works during the summer at the market helping his grandmother.

Two children of vendor Schaner Farms are scholarship recipients. Rose Schaner plans to major in interdisciplinary studies and earn a teaching credential. Currently a student at the University of Dallas, Texas, she intends to study in Italy during her sophomore year. Her brother, Noah Schaner, is majoring in aviation with an emphasis in airport management at the University of North Dakota. Rose and Noah work at the farm during the summer months preparing the produce for market.

Celeste Felix, whose family sells dates at the farmers market, is studying at the University of California, Davis. She is earning a degree in biochemistry with a minor in sustainable agriculture.

By shopping at the Del Mar Farmers Market you give back to the community and support higher education. It is because of the loyal clientele that dozens of college kids have received financial aid. On behalf of the DMFM board and the scholarship recipients, thank you for shopping at the market!



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