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Watermark Housing
Bud Emerson | Del Mar Housing Corporation


Watermark open house at Powerhouse.
Photo Bud Emerson.  Click to enlarge.


The Del Mar Housing Corporation has been advising the owners of the large dirt parking lot on the corner of Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Road.They will be proposing to build a new residential community, called “Watermark,” where there is now a permit for a commercial office building.

Our pitch has been for them to include some affordable units among the 54 units that range in size from 650 to 2800 square feet. Four of those units would be deeded outright to Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) with no debt and a cap on homeowner fees. DMCC already manages our rental subsidy program which assists eight families in other parts of town. In addition to these four units, they have agreed to include three more affordable units which will be required to meet county income limits. Of the seven,three will be designated for those with annual incomes of $40,000 or less, with rents from $1,100 to $1,500 monthly. The other four will be designated for incomes of $60,000 to $85,000 , with rents from $1,600 to $1,900 monthly.

Design professionals on the Housing Corporation Board have made suggestions to the owners about how to terrace the units back into the hillside so there is no imposing facade on the street and how to provide open space among the units to give a more textured look to this new neighborhood. We have encouraged the owners to listen to neighbors, members of the Lagoon Committee, and others in the community to help them build something worthy of this “gateway” to Del Mar.
On July 29 the first open house on their conceptual proposal was held at the Powerhouse. Most attendee comments were favorable and good questions and suggestion were collected. Next, public workshops are planned for October and November of this year and in February 2014, to give feedback as their design progresses. Public hearings are tentatively set for February, March and April of next year. draft environmental impact report is slated to be released for a 45-day review this November.


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