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Diana Scheffler | Architect | Boquita Drive


This is an appeal to all of you to become active in the defense of our communities from the influx of traffic that will forever preclude the development of walkable, bikable, transit served neighborhoods. The traffic brought on by the proposed One Paseo development will require and, no doubt receive, the accommodation that automobiles demand: the widening of access roads, the elimination of green parkways, the lengthening of turn lanes, the addition of traffic signals, and ultimately the paving over of whatever is people-friendly. That traffic will be looking for short cuts through Del Mar.

On August 8 there was a meeting of the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, requested by the developer Kilroy Realty. This meeting turned out to be a Kilroy public relations release, rolling out plans for a development criticized as an island, to add crosswalks to the adjacent community. Discussion of the size of the One Paseo development was ignored.

Kilroy’s crosswalks plan is seductive. The problem is of course that while it would connect the project to its immediate surroundings for the benefit of walkers and cyclists, it would do nothing to connect further afield traffic and reduce the enormous traffic impact for the 10-mile radius that is needed to support the high-end shops and restaurants on which Kilroy depends for a return on their investment. Remember that the One Paseo plan is three times larger than the current Community Plan allows. Their own traffic study projects, in spite of “mitigation,” an additional twenty thousand automobile trips per day in Carmel Valley alone and that does NOT include the ten mile radius.

For more than two years, Kilroy has been working to gain support for One Paseo. Carmel Valley’s What Price Main Street website www.whatpricemainstreet.com/ chronicles that effort and the efforts of the people of Carmel Valley and beyond to combat Kilroy’s efforts.

On the other side of the freeway, but still in the City of San Diego, the Torrey Pines Community Planning Group (Del Mar Heights and Terrace) has officially expressed its opposition to the development and many of the residents of those communities have joined with Carmel Valley residents to oppose the project at various public meetings and by writing letters to elected officials and to newspapers.

There will be a revised Environmental Impact Report. After a public response time, the City of San Diego Planning Commission will meet to review Kilroy’s proposal before the City Council makes the final decision. We, the communities of Carmel Valley and Torrey Pines, within the City of San Diego, are going to need all the support we can get from our neighbors in Del Mar. And we may need it on very short notice.

Please log on to www.whatpricemainstreet.com/ and sign up to receive news bulletins. Watch the Del Mar Times and the Sandpiper for updates and announcements of future meetings. The City of Del Mar has formally expressed its concern regarding the impact of the development; we need the people of Del Mar to give direct evidence of that concern. Come to those meetings, speak out, write letters!



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