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Deputy Sheriff John Bludworth outside his “office” in the old Stratford Garage (now Jake’s) in 1920. Courtesy Del Mar Historical Society.
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New Cop Shop?
Jim Benedict | Christie Lane


The City of Del Mar is close to getting the “Evaluation of our Law Enforcement Services” report from the hired consultant. The City of Del Mar contracted with Ralph Anderson & Associates in May and the final report should be ready for City Council presentation in October.

The stimulus for this review of our contract with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is the spiraling cost of services and a concern that our level of public safety service is not satisfactory.

Options that are being reviewed are 1) staying with the current sheriff contract and upgrading this relationship, 2) forming a Del Mar Police Department, and 3) joining another existing police service.

For example, in the investigative process, many areas have been identified that can bring us better public safety service and possible financial savings with the sheriff’s contract.

There are many cities in California that have gone through this exercise and have moved from their Sheriff contract to their own police department.

Whatever the consulting report reveals, Del Mar will have a better public service product in our future.

Jim Benedict is the chair of the Sheriff Contract Subcommittee, Del Mar Finance Committee.




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