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Paying the Piper (Sand)


The Editorial Board of the Sandpiper wants to remind you that we couldn’t publish without the support of readers like you. Although our writers are unpaid volunteers (see this month’s article by Dr. Rich for a fun take on that), our printing, assembling, and mailing costs have grown to about $30,000 per year and we rely on donations to cover these expenses.

If you enjoy reading the Sandpiper, or even enjoy disagreeing with it, please consider joining one of our categories of long-range support, which allow us to plan for the future. The generosity of the donors in these categories covers more than half of our annual expenses each year.

Please become a financial supporter of the Sandpiper by joining one of the circles below, or by donating at any level you can.

• Chuck Newton Circle $2500 per year for three years
• Publisher’s Circle $1000 per year for three years
• Editor’s Circle $500-$999 for one year
• Writer’s Circle $100-$499 for one year

Please make your donation payable to Sandpiper, and mail to Sandpiper, Box 2177, Del Mar, CA 92014.



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