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DMTV Presents
A Life Well Read

Luana Karr | Del Mar TV


Mai Lon Gittelsohn during the taping of “Readings of Our Lives.”
Photo Luana Karr. Click to enlarge.


The idea of a Life Story Writing Class was first brought to Community Connections back in 1999 by Ann Silber. The first teacher for the class was Mac Hartley who taught until 2004. Under the tutelage of Mai Lon Gittelsohn it has now developed Into “Readings of Our Lives,” videotaped by Del Mar Television Foundation and aired on Del Mar’s public access channel. Mai Lon was attending summer session at the East-West Acting Conservatory in Los Angeles when she was invited to apply for the job. “I was delighted to accept as I have been interested in teaching a writing class since my participation in the San Diego Area Writing Project in 2000. The class is well attended every year and the students get the opportunity to share their work and it helps motivate them to revise and improve their work.
This year viewers will be stirred by the stories from Pat McGinnis, Estee Sery, Janice Degraw, Kerry Ojeda, Carol Arnold, Bill Brooks, Sally Pollock, Carol Smith, Ellen K. Wolfe and Persephone Roland-Holst. When asked about sharing their stories they said: “We enjoy reading to the very appreciative Del Mar Connections audience.” “I don’t want to miss it.” said Ann Silber. “I look forward to it every year.” When asked why she continues to offer the class, Mai Lon said: “Writing for me is an avenue to discovery, to personal insight. It is very rewarding to see students have these moments of recognition, the “Aha” experience, and to be right in there with them in the moment.”

Reading with Ellen Wolfe. Photo Luana Karr.
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Viewers can tune into these readings all through July on Sundays at 7:30 p.m., additional airings on Saturday July 6th at 11 a.m. and Wednesday July 24th at 3:30 p.m. The program streams simultaneously on delmartv.com. Channel 130 Time Warner and 99 AT&T.



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