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Summer Sun Sand Surf Safety
Jon Edelbrock, Community Services and Lifeguard Lieutenant


17th Street entrance to beach. Photo Shirley King.
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Wow, it’s difficult to believe that summer is already here! Our seaside village has once again managed to timelessly maintain its small town charm despite the continual growth and sprawl of San Diego County. While fortunate residents and a few trusty year-round Lifeguards have certainly enjoyed another off-season, it’s time to welcome back visitors and our seasonal lifeguard staff for yet another beautiful summer in paradise. With that, however, comes a coordinated effort and patience from the City and residents to ensure an enjoyable time for all.

This off-season provided multiple changes to our municipal code in an effort to more safely serve the community. The most recent and potentially impactful change was regarding fires on the beach and parks. After several complaints from the community, the Council addressed the use of charcoal briquettes for barbecues. After consideration from management and the community, the briquettes were banned in favor of only propane or similar cooking fuel for barbecues. The determination was made due to lack of safe disposal of the hot coals and the potential increased nuisance from the addition of disposal sites.

Multiple improvements to the beach area have also been made during the off-season to enhance the beach experience and safety for residents and visitors. In the North Beach area, sidewalks were added from Camino Del Mar to the beach area building upon enhancements in walkability and access that were made previously. With this added stretch of sidewalk, safe access is now contiguous from CDM to the south side of the San Dieguito River. Additional hardscape and minor landscape improvements were added this spring around the 29th Street access. These changes created greater visual appeal and more functionality to the area.

Seasonal dog laws kicked in on June 15th and last through Labor Day. The major seasonal changes disallow dogs off-leash north of 29th Street to the Solana Beach border as well as limit dogs on leash only to areas south of Powerhouse Park and north of 29th Street. As always, dog owners must pick up after their animals and have valid registration for their animal.

The City works hard to create a positive experience for every resident and visitor. We strive to offer a variety of options for children via surf, volleyball, and beach, camps for children, and maintain a safe alcohol-free beach for all to enjoy. For further information, inquiries, or concerns, please contact City of Del Mar Lifeguards at (858)755-1556.




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