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A Wins
Dave Druker | 10th Street


The voters in Encinitas went to the polls on Tuesday, June 18 and voted to approve Prop A the Right to Vote Initiative by a 52% to 48% majority. The turnout was 40% and that is quite large for a special election. The opponents of the proposition reportedly spent over $100,000 to defeat the measure, while the proponents spent less than $20,000. The voters in each of the Encinitas communities – Old Encinitas, Cardiff, Leucadia, New Encinitas and Olivehain all voted for the initiative with Cardiff being the closest.

The Right to Vote Initiative gives the voters of Encinitas the right to vote on any changes to density or height beyond the current zoning regulations on any project in Encinitas. The height limit for any project has been set at 30 feet. This initiative was created due to the proposed changes to the community plan that would have increased height limits in the commercial corridor along El Camino Real and provided for more mixed-used development. It is similar but more far-reaching than Del Mar’s Measure B, which requires voters to decide on large developments in the central commercial district.

The opponents of the proposition were joined by all of the members of the City Council. The City Council was especially worried about the impact this initiative would have on the ability to provide density bonuses for low-income housing.
Encinitas will begin electing a mayor for a two-year term starting in 2014. The impact on the first mayoral election in 2014 is open as the slow-growth coalition did not have an elected advocate of the Right to Vote.

Some citizens are asking whether Del Mar voters should mount a similar initiative here.



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