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New signals from Sacramento renew prospects for local city representation on the proposed new Fair Board configuration. Del Mar Council members Sinnott and Mosier report that their recent Sacramento visit to the Governor’s Office yielded a very different version of local control than what was being represented by Board President, Adam Day; it seems what the Governor wants is “local consensus” on board composition. Representatives of the Governor indicated that they would clarify their expectations directly with President Day. It was unclear whether the Governor wants to continue to control nine appointments to the board.

So with this backdrop, the bargaining and maneuvering has begun. Day has asked that the actual deliberations be delayed until September for an unspecified reason.

City Councils from Del Mar, Solana Beach, and San Diego continue to maintain they should be represented directly because they are the cities most directly affected by Fair Board decisions. It isn’t a pitch for control, only representation, a seat at the table to express local interests.

The County asserts that there is a legal barrier to City representation on the new board. Two options that may be on the table are (1) three of the County Supervisor appointments would be made from nominations by each City Council, the other two from the county at large; (2) three of the Governor‘s nine appointments would be made from nominations by each City Council, the County Supervisors would have five additional local appointments from anywhere in the county.

The three cities are cooperating to assure representation, hopefully with the support of Supervisor Dave Roberts. Support from the other four Supervisors for city representation is not clear.


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