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VIP Seating
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


The proposed “localization” of the fairgrounds governing board is enmeshed in rounds of furious lobbying and negotiations among many players. It seems the Governor wants to hold onto the 9 appointed seats; the Board of Supervisors wants to have 5 seats; Del Mar, Solana Beach, and San Diego are trying to get agreement for 3 seats for their cities; Council members from all 3 cities have been collaborating in their vigorous efforts to pressure and persuade themselves into the final draft which will ultimately require state approval. At this writing there appears to be cautious optimism among the Council members.

One not so amusing side story on the fair board is that while people fight to be on the board, once appointed they are not that interested in attending. Last month the meeting was postponed by one day as they could not get a quorum on the regular day. The next month the meeting had to be scheduled one week early to get a quorum. Still they insist on keeping all 9 seats, along with their VIP perks. Go figure.



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